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hinged belt type filters
pre-coat hinged belt type filters
pressure belt type filters
vacuum filters
manual partial automatic plate type pre-coat filters
multifunction filter systems
fully automatic tube type pre-coat filters
metering equipment for filtering aid
bag evacuation of the filtering aid with little dust emission
chain-type magnetic separators
gravity belt type filters
chip pre-separators
return pump stations
compact, central and special filters

1. data of machines

kind of machines:
number of machines:
kind of treatment:
kind of raw material to be treated:
quantity of sludge: kg/h

2. coolant lubrificant data

kind of coolant lubricant:
manufacturer / denomination:
special additions:
operating temperature: °C
content of solid material: mg/l

3. cleaning system data

coolant lubricant required for each machine: l/m
coolant lubricant per group of machines: l/m
total quantity of coolant lubricant: l/m
necessary volume of coolant lubricant: l
permitted dirty quantity / residual humidity:
test liquid (10l), taken from where::
instructions to be observed:
pressure at machine:: bar

4. connection data

air pressure bar
operating voltage: V
control voltage: V
lamp voltage: V
factory specifications:

5. local situation

hall being at disposal (length/width/height): m
depth of cavity: m
basement being at disposal (length/width/height): m

6. any further questions or requests

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