Plate-type precoat filters

  • AF 2,5 - 4,0 (filtration area 2,5 - 8,0 m)


Plate-type precoat filters are used for superfine filtration of low viscous oils. The cheap filter is a compact filter, suitable for individual machines. The range of filtration is between 1 - 5 m. The regeneration of the filter and cleaning of the filter plates is carried out manually.

diagrammatic view of a plate- type precoat filter


  • small installation space
  • first-class filtration results
  • easy installation
  • if required, the filter geometry can be adapted to the machine tool
  • favourable price

Mode of operation


The complete tank is filled with oil. Prior to filtration the filter plates (1) have to be precoated with filter media (diatomaceous earth, cellulose, perlite).


The pre-coating process is interrupted manually by the operator and, at the same time, the filtrate is conveyed to the clean liquid tank (2). Now the system pump can be switched on to supply the machine tool. Dependent on the filter media used, the range of filtration is between 1 5 m.


The grade of contamination is indicated by the pressure gauge (3) on the filter dome (4). When an overpressure of 1.1 bar is reached, the filter should be cleaned after a shift or during a shutdown of the machine. After having released the liquid from the filter tank, the filter must be stopped for several hours to allow the mud to dry. In case of 2 filter domes being installed, commissioning or precoating of the second dome takes approximately 6 minutes.


The standard equipment of a plate-type precoat filter includes:

  • a tank, which is subdevided into a dirty and a clean section with a separate suction chamber
  • immersion pumps for the supply of the filter and the machine
  • filter tank (dome) including filter plates, which can be removed for cleaning
  • filter dome and filter tissue made of high-grade steel

additional optional equipment

  • magnetic filtering cylinder for pre-separation
  • filter media metering device
  • compressor cooler to keep a constant operating temperature
  • oil fume exhaust for removing the oil fume arising at the machine tool

area of application

plate type precoat filters are preferably used for individual machines.

The following sizes can be supplied:

  • AF - 2,5 m
  • AF - 2 x 2,5 m
  • AF - 4 m
  • AF - 2 x 4 m

Depending on the application the output is between 1 and 85 l/min per square metre of filtration area.

The range of filtration, which is between 1 5 m depends on the filter media which is used. The viscosity of the coolant and the material being processed greatly varies the filtration period of the filter. A long filtration period can be achieved by a large filtration area. For price reasons a manual operation of this filter is preferred. A partial automation of the regeneration, automatic dosing of diatomaceous earth and change-over to a spare filter is possible. The electric control is usually done from the main control desk of the machine tool.

filter types applied by the filter fineness and the specific filter performance:

The specific throughput rates in question are the filter-specific base capacities. They represent reference values for the interested customer. F.E.S. supervises each filter completely from the initial request to the turnkey handover to the future operator. Each filter system is specifically designed and custom-tailored to the case of operation at hand. For this purpose, we utilise our experience values, company-internal laboratory tests and, if necessary, mobile test installations for application 'on location'

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