Sulphex I

Sulphex I


Sulphur in dissolved form (e.g. from honing stones) can be found in honing and finish oils in ever greater concentrations for the duration of the processing time. Once a certain concentration is exceeded, this dissolved sulphur content poses problems via deposits in machines and facility components.

The new SULPHEX sulphur cutter, developed by F.E.S, is able to reduce the sulphur content in the bypass flow insert in the main cycle, bringing it down and stabilising it at a tolerable level. The process, for which a patent has been registered, operates purely on a physical level and has no chemical impact on the processing oil used.

Multiple successful applications and references have already proved its suitability for daily use. If the sulphur content in your oil is greater that 4000 ppm, we can help you with our new SULPHEX sulphur cutter.

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